How Big Are Bed Bugs – The Basic Life Cycle of Bed Bugs and a Brief History of Bed Bugs

The resurgence of bed bugs today has not only disproved the theory of extinction but demonstrated their resilience and ability to remain dormant for significant periods of time and survive adverse conditions.

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Pertinent Facts About Bed Bugs:

Fact#1: Bed bugs can surprisingly cause trauma to an area despite their size.

They are able to take advantage of their minute bodies to get an extravagant serving of blood from hosts without being caught.

Fact#2: Bed bugs are not completely nocturnal

Bed bugs are not purely nocturnal therefore it may be that they sometimes feed in the daytime if conditions are favorable.

What Are Bed Bugs?
  • Wingless insects that solely feed on blood from warm-blooded animals.
  • They have an oval shaped body with a reddish-brown color that is just ¼ inch in length before feeding.
  • Their body turns darker after a sumptuous meal and seems swollen.
  • Usually feed once every week in which process takes up to 12 minutes to finish.

So How Big Are Bed bugs ?

The female deposits ‘sticky’ eggs which can vary from a white spec of dust to approximately 1 mm in length. As the egg hatches, a ‘nymph’ is released. This nymph will soon take its first blood meal, and must molt, five times before reaching adulthood. During this period, the nymph grows from the size of 1.5 mm to a final 5 mm in length.

History of Bed Bugs

World War II was the initial period of mass infestation of the blood-hungry parasites. It was first believed that the use of DDT, now shown to be a significant health concern, lead these creatures to extinction.

Natural Methods to Solve Bed Bugs Infestation at Home:

Bed Bug Patch

Mattress Encasement

Diatomaceous Earth (Insecticide Dust)

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Bed Bugs Life Cycle

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